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Can you activate a Moto G on Sprint?

Question: Can you activate a Moto G (3rd gen) on Sprint?
Answer: No.

TLDR: Don't use Sprint.

Having the unfortunateness of accidentally dropping and mostly obliterating a perfectly functional Nexus 5, my housemate was in need of a replacement ASAP. With solid specs and an amazing price tag (a mere $220) a Moto G (3rd gen) was high on my list of replacements. Considering the 2015 Nexus devices hadn't even been announced yet, it was pretty much the only option in that size range.

Moto was quick to ship and we skipped off to the Sprint store Moto G in hand to get it added to the existing service plan. I mean really, how hard could adding a phone be? Sadly it was all downhill from there...

Walking into Sprint there were a couple of people being helped or waiting to be helped but overly not very busy. Initially the service rep thought we wanted to transfer photos, data, etc from one device to another and said she could help us. After describing several times that we simply wanted the pl…
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The good, the bad, and the Moto X

Build quality

At first it felt cheap and plasticy compared to my Nexus 4. Now it feels right and the Nexus 4 feels heavy and the glass feels like it could shatter at any moment.

And before you ask, no I did not get to customize the colors of my Moto X, I purchased the developer edition which is only available in black and white. Which is fine, I'd rather have that than a locked colorful version.


The screen is fantastic. Watching a video on it makes the phone melt away and leave only the media.

Touchless controls

The idea behind touchless controls is pretty cool, but in practical application, touchless controls are useless to me. This is 100% because of my security paranoia though. I have PIN on every mobile device I own and I trend towards the security side of the spectrum instead of the convenience end. Having to manually enter a PIN for every voice request completely removes the less from "touchless". My two hours of using the Moto X before configuring a PIN hinte…

Hackathons are what you make of them

A couple of days ago a post titled hackathons are bad for you started making the rounds.
Here’s a standard recipe for a Hackathon.
Gather a bunch of developers in a location.Supply them copious amounts of junk food, booze and caffeine.Tell them to get cracking for 24hrs. As a generalization that is somewhat accurate...but I’ve been a regular fixture at hackathons for several years now, and I’ve learned one very important thing: hackathons are what you make of them.
SleepThere is an almost masochistic take on sleep deprivation in the developer community. (It might be true with other professions, but let’s focus on the devs.) It certainly isn’t specific to developers and it tends to be more of a cultural thing. Pinning this on hackathons is a bit unfair when you see the large percentage of Americans in general that suffer from sleep deprivation. Hackathons have time limits because they want everyone to have the same constraints, not because they don’t want you to sleep.

Just a couple of …

Eggnog review: Berkeley Farms Holiday Eggnog

One of the better eggnogs I've tasted this holiday season. It's nice and thick with no artificial flavor. It doesn't have much in the way of nutmeg flavor however.

Buy it and add your own nutmeg.

Eggnog review: Mountain Dairy pumpkin eggnog

The eggnog starts out rich and creamy as a good nog should. After a few moments of waiting for the pumpkin to kick in you find it is sorely lacking. You might as well just whip it and put it on top of pumpkin pie.
It's OK. Buy if there is nothing better around.

Eggnog review: Hood pumpkin eggnog

Going into this testing I had very low expectations as I've never considered Hood products to be of all that high a quality. I was pleasantly surprised to find this actually has a decent pumpkin flavor. The eggnog was thinner than I prefer and had a little bit of an artificial after flavor but add a little nutmeg and clove spice and you have a decent pumpkin eggnog.

It's OK and will do in a pinch.