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A month of Flutter: a look back

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This is it. 31 blog posts in 31 days. Writing a month of flutter has been a ton of work but also lots of fun and a good learning experience. I really appreciate how supportive and and positive everyone as been. Publishing experience For the series I've been posting on bendyworks.comDEVmy personal blog, and Medium. After publishing to these sites, I would put the Bendyworks link on TwitterReddit, and the Flutter Study Group Slack. Posting to DEV was easy as they use Markdown just like the Bendworks blog. DEV also has built in support for a series of posts so it's easy to read the entire series. I did have to manually upload any embedded images. DEV also has a number of liquid tags for embedding things like GitHub issues that I didn't make as much use of as I should have. Blogger is rich text so it was easy to copy/paste the rendered posts. This would hotlink all the images though so I had to remove them and manually re-upload th…
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A month of Flutter: the real hero animation

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For the last post before the month's wrap up tomorrow, I wanted to do something more fun: use a hero animationbetween the home page list and the individual post page. When I first implemented the Hero animation it never worked going back from a PostPage to the HomePage. The reason was that HomePage would get rerendered and that would generate new fake posts. So I moved the fake data generation up a level to MyApp and pass it into HomePage. This is more realistic as going to the HomePage shouldn't request the Posts every time. HomePage(title:'Birb',posts:_loadPosts(context),) The PostPage implementation is a simple