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Developers Take On The Video App Challenge

The Mashery spot prize (GoPro HD Hero 960 wearable HD camera), went to Screen Jumper by Abraham Williams - a Chrome extension that, as you browse Twitter, recognizes movie titles within tweets and injects movie trailers (YouTube), movie ratings (Rotten Tomatoes API) and movie schedules of nearby theaters. To the point that I made earlier about vertical hackathons, Abraham (a seasoned developer) was exposed to the YouTube and Rotten Tomatoes APIs for the first time ever, and now has new platform knowledge and experience in his toolkit.via Mashery

Draft: Galaxy Nexus

Note: This is an old draft what was never completed.

Native screenshots! On the downside screenshots don't appear to automatically upload to Google+.

People don't get merged. Take these two examples of searching for my sister and my boss by name. Each search shows each person six times. In the web version of Google Contacts there is only one entry for each so the extra entries appear to be from apps such as Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The screen is simply gorgeous!

Battery life initially is pretty terrible.

The menu button jumps around a lot. Sometimes it is in the top right. sometimes the bottom right.

Panoramas are awesome.

Can't take a photo from the lock screen when using a pin.

Love the built in encryption!

Still lags some but much better then my Nexus S 4G.

Sync is currently experiencing problems

Update: I now recommend you install Google Chrome and disable the built in Browser as it supports encrypting all synced data.

After picking up a gorgeous Galaxy Nexus yesterday I was running into an issue where my browser data wasn't syncing to the phone. After a little Googling I found this is commonly caused by having all of my synced Chrome data encrypted instead of the default of only encrypting the passwords. These are the steps I went through to get my dat syncing again without losing any of it. The exact error I was getting was "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly."

In Google Chrome open the personal stuff settings page by clicking this link or by opening the wrench menu, and click on "signed in with".  Hit "disconnect your Google Account" to temporarily disable syncing from your browser.

Visit the Google Dashboard and "Stop sync and delete data from Google". I waited until the stored dat…