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Eggnog review: Mountain Dairy pumpkin eggnog

The eggnog starts out rich and creamy as a good nog should. After a few moments of waiting for the pumpkin to kick in you find it is sorely lacking. You might as well just whip it and put it on top of pumpkin pie.
It's OK. Buy if there is nothing better around.

Eggnog review: Hood pumpkin eggnog

Going into this testing I had very low expectations as I've never considered Hood products to be of all that high a quality. I was pleasantly surprised to find this actually has a decent pumpkin flavor. The eggnog was thinner than I prefer and had a little bit of an artificial after flavor but add a little nutmeg and clove spice and you have a decent pumpkin eggnog.

It's OK and will do in a pinch.