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Please Feed the Unicorns at #apimeetup

Recently I presented a brand new presentation titled Please Feed the Unicorns at the @ held at the @ office. The goal being to bring attention to various methods of building a better developer community around your API platform by empowering, incentivizing, and recognizing the community Unicorns.

Please Feed the Unicorns from API Meetup on Vimeo.

Please Feed the Unicorns
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Look Out Quora, InboxQ Takes Q&A Off-Site And On To Twitter

As it becomes more difficult to find the answers you want on Google, using hashtags like #lazyweb to ask questions on Twitter has become some people’s recourse. Realizing this, Y Combinator company Answerly is announcing a product revamp today, going from a run of the mill Q&A site to something much more interesting. Their new product, InboxQ is a free browser plugin (right now only available on Chrome) that performs searches for questions on Twitter by keyword and other factors.