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Troubleshooting Twitter @Anywhere's write permissions

With the recent launch of @Twitter's @Anywhere API there have been a number of developers having issues with the follow button and the Tweet Box not working. This stems mostly from a bug where new applications created on would default to read only access. If are having problems using @Anywhere try this simple step by step guide. Check that your application has "Read and Write" as the "Default access type". If not edit your application settings so it does. You can do that on . Check that your @Twitter account's access token for said application has "read and write access". If not revoke access and re-authorized from the website you are testing @Anywhere from. You can find out the access type on . Delete your cookies. Specifically the "twttr_anywhere" cookie for the domain hosting the @Anywhere code. You can read more about clearing your cookies  https:/

Little known @Twitter and @TwitterAPI tips and tricks

Be sure to comeback as new tips and tricks get added. If you know of anything I missed be sure to let me know. Static URL for profile images based on screen_name: * This performs a http redirect to the actual profile image URL. Currently https redirects to http. You can also add "?size={mini | bigger | normal}" to get specific sizes. Redirect to profile based on user_id: In_reply_to_status_id mentions: * In the web interface new mentions are only replies if they start with @screen_name. By pushing @screen_name further along in the string your followers who do not follow @screen_name will still see the status. Profile image sizes: * By default you get the original image size