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Eggnog review: Organic Valley Eggnog

Good amount of nutmeg. Flavor is a little weak.

Better then average. Recommendation: Buy.

Eggnog review: Organic Valley Eggnog, originally uploaded by 4braham.

Eggnog review: Farmers' Creamery Classic Eggnog

Not enough nutmeg. Cheap sweetener flavor.

Terrible. Recommendation: Don't buy.

Eggnog review: Farmers' Creamery Classic Eggnog, originally uploaded by 4braham.

RSS to Twitter (almost) done right by Feedburner

Post to Twitter from Feedburner, originally uploaded by 4braham.
Google's Feedburnerrecently rolled out a new feature allowing you to automatically push new posts from your feeds to Twitter accounts. Not only does this shows Google's intent to further integrate with the services you use but that they want to do it to the best of their ability.

Interesting aspects of Feedburner's Publicize options.

Include link

The interesting part of this is it uses as the shortlink. is going to be one of the longest lasting shortlink providers ever.

Leave room for retweets

Automatically shortening the title to leave space for retweet text. This could be improved by scaling the extra space based on the length of the Twitter username. For example "RT @abraham: " takes 13 spaces including the space but Feedburner left 27 in my test post. I suspect the number varies depending on word lengths so as to not include partial words.

Use inline hash tags

The most interest…

Eggnog review: Traderspoint Creamery Traditional Eggnog

Nice and creamy. Not quite enough nutmeg. Needs more vanilla.

Better then average. Recommendation: Buy.

Eggnog review: Traderspoint Creamery Traditional Eggnog, originally uploaded by 4braham.

Follow @abraham and win a free Mac mini

Are you a MacHead? Do you need another computer? Follow @abraham and win a $599 Mac mini.

Wait what? Yep. :)

Follow @abraham and once I am in the top five tweople in Madison, WI a random follower will win a new Mac mini.

How can you help reach this threshold? By tweeting "Follow @abraham and win a free Mac mini".

Abraham Williams presenting Awesome Lists at SproutBox

Awesome Lists Presentation at SproutBox Selection Day

I just finished presenting Awesome Lists to the SproutBox selection committee. It was a great day with a total of 7 ideas pitched ranging from streaming bollywood movies, to construction worker safety, to banking. The final winner should announced within the next week.
In the meantime check out the slides:

And the video of the presentation:

Reverse Engineering

Google's new Firefox Toolbar offers a URL shortening feature using as the domain. Using Charles Proxy I looked into how the Toolbar gets gets these shortened URLs.

The Toolbar makes a POST request to with 3 parameters: user, url, and auth_token.


user=toolbar@google.comEmail address of service requesting shortened URL. I assume Feedburner would use being shortened.auth_token=793185282022Apparently not time based as a single URL would generate the same value for each request.I glanced at the extensions javascript generating auth_token but I don't have time to completely figure it out right now.

Unfortunately was having some issues as the requests were failing with 405 errors and "HTTP method POST is not supported by this URL" messages. I will work on it more once the Toolbar starts successfully requesting URLs.

Update: I don't have…

Awesome Lists Demo and SproutBox Finalist

Earlier in December I submitted Awesome Lists as a contender for SproutBox's quarterly startup choice. Low and behold we are a finalist so later this week I will be traveling to Bloomington, IN to compete with the other finalists. If chosen SproutBox will provide us with a development team, a marketing team, 6 months of office space, and much much more.

Awesome Lists was also the 2nd place winner at the SocialDevCampHackathon in November. Here for you viewing pleasure is the SDCChiHack presentation video.

Blogger integrates Friend Connect

Blogger integrates with Friend Connect, originally uploaded by 4braham.
Now when you follow Blogger blogs you will also be following them in friend connect. Before you could follow a blog twice. Once with Blogger and once with Friend Connect.

The Google Phone

The rumors of a Google Phone have been getting louder. And now there is a photo and a summary of the phone by @CoryOBrien:
Google Phone = iPhone + a little extra screen and a scroll wheel. Great touch screen, and Android.