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Identity in the Browser

Identity in the Browser
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Rate Google Group Post from Gmail Project

Rate Google Group post from Gmail so the rating system can be used without visiting the Group  web interface. Use a Google Chrome extensions to display 5 stars next to each email from a Group and allow the user to click on one submitting the rating to Google.

The general flow of the extension.
User loads Gmail.Extensions finds Message ID from email.Extension fetches did and tok from Groups.Extensions presents 5 stars next to email.User rates post.Extensions GETs request to rate post.
Find post on group
The following url can be used to find the did and tok needed to rate posts. Message-ID Message-ID
Rate post
Using the did, rat, and tok you can rate a Group post with a GET request. The did is the short id for the post. The rat is a number of 1-5. The tok is available from the…

Gaming Google Group Ratings

Tonight while exploring if it would be possible to rate Google Group posts from within Gmail I discovered that it is incredibly easy to game the rating system. For example I 5 star rated my own test post 20+ times.

The URL to rate posts:

Sometime while sleeping the ratings reset so apparently Google has a cleanup script that either drops duplicate ratings or resets spammy looking ratings.

Patents stifling competition

Patents stifling competition
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