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Android applessification

Applications that got the chopping block Square SwitchPro Widget Listen ADWLauncher EX HNews Google Sky Map Google Buzz widget Taskos To Do List NXP TagWriter OpenWatch Recorder Flickroid 360 Bnter ASTRO File Manager Foursquare LinkedIn Disco Hulu Plus Touchnote Battleheart BBC News Al Jazeera English Pool Party Dropbox Barcode Scanner Applications that are on notice Google Earth - I don't actually use it but I can't remove it. Postagram - I love the idea but it needs to integrate with Androids contact manager and use the Market's micro payments. Google Shopper Applications that are sticking around Google+ Twitter Authenticator USAA Mobile Google Maps Netflix Google Docs Google Goggles Pandora Internet Radio Google Authenticator Voice Search Zipcar YouTube Blogger Google Voice My Tracks Music Google Books Videos Google Translate Google

Tell Google to make Music awesome

I've been playing around with Google Music  a bit in the last few days and with the launch of Google+ I've been thinking a lot more about features Google can add. The one feature that would really make Music a killer application is instant availability from any Google page. The ground work has already been laid with the new black Sandbar launched with Google+ . If you would also like to see Google implement this go to , sign into your account, and click on send feedback  in the upper left corner. Highlight a section of the classic sandbar, describe the feature request, and hit preview . Sample text or you can write your own. Make sure it is clear what you are requesting regardless. Please add music controls here that enable playing music from any Google page. Finally hit send feedback to Google . You can now get back to trolling on Google+.

My Google ecosystem

Google's ownership of my digital self is ever increasing and with the introduction of Google+ I don't see this trend changing. After taking a quick gander at my Google Dashboard I decided to write up a list of Google products to see how much of my online life touches Google's datacenters. Primary tools I use these Google tools more often then competing products Gmail - My primary email client for many years. Calendar - Keeps my events synced between everything. Chrome - Fast and clean with great developer tools. Reader - Keyboard commands Google+ - Quickly taking the place of Twitter and Facebook. Search - # 1 since I switched from Dogpile. Openid delegation - I use as my OpenID delegated to my Google Account. Analytics - Wish it was realtime but I use it to track all my sites. Blogger - Primary blog platform since I realized hosting my own Drupal site was a PITA. Contacts - Tight integration with Gmail and sync to my phone. Docs - Hos

Google+ branding

I think the Google+ branding is brillent and works on many, many levels. It shows that is is still Google at the heart with the extension of so much more. Google plus more Google plus you Google plus your friends Google plus etc But Plus is also it's own separate entity, strategy, and social layer. It is a new way for people to connect and communicate on the internet. It is even a new phase in Google's existence and a new approach to product and user interaction. Going even further though we now find that Plus can be layered on top of any existing Google products and it is clearly just an extension of the existing features plus more, you, your friends, etc. Chrome+ YouTube+ Blogger+ Documents+ Perhaps the most exciting aspect (for me) is the Plus concept getting extended elsewhere. Expect Google to eventually launch an API+ to bring the power of Plus everywhere. www+ Google www+ you your friends etc There is a huge amount of work ahead to

HowTo: Autopost Google+ to Twitter

Are you followers sad you aren't spamming them on Twitter as much as you were before Google+ launched? Well have no fear! With the help of a few Google services, your Twitter feed will be (over)flowing with G+ posts in no time. Requirement:  A Google account with access to: Google+ Feedburner A Twitter account 2 minutes Lets start by jumping over to your profile on . The URL should look like this 114233674199568482864 /posts and you will want to nab the long string of numbers. That is your Google+ user ID and  +Russell Beattie 's plusfeed parser will use it to scrape your G+ profile for public posts to turn into an Atom feed. Jump over to Feedburner  to burn a new feed with 114233674199568482864 (only use your ID not mine). Hit next and give any title and address you want, it really doesn't matter. Hit next again and then skip directly to feed management . Feedburner will now au