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Hosted idea organizer

I am looking for a hosted web application to use as a mind dump for ideas. I've tried a numberofGoogletoolsthatalmost work but each one misses a feature or two. Google Search was not much help either.

Required features:
Title fieldFreeform tagsPer item commentsPer item private vs public toggleShare by email for private itemsFile attachementsDomain aliasSearchHide/view by tagLike to have features: Description fieldImplemented toggleSocial media share buttonsRandom metadata attachments such as links, ratingsSpecific metadata attachments such as Flickr, YouTube, Google Maps, Tweets. Maybe with you know of such a tool? Please please please let me know.

Must have OSX applications

Having my MacBook Pro slowly grinding to a halt sucks. What sucks even more is having it happen every 6 months. So this past weekend I took the opportunity to wipe and start afresh the cyclical tradition of computer power users. The install itself was far from smooth due to a number of unfortunate issues but that is a store for another time.

Now that I have an untarnished Snow Leopard install I must sully it with my carefully tagged list of must haves. Most are developer and social media oriented and the list may seem few but not listed are the plethora of web based services I employ. Quality applications they are all though.

Interested to see other epically OSX applications I inquired on Twitter.
what are your must have OSX applications?1:12 PM Jun 20th via webAbraham Williams
I've got some hardcore OSX users so the answers are useful and diverse. You can see the full list below and reply with your own must have OSX applications.

What are your must have OSX applications? - T…