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Hashtags Lists

On microblogging services such as Twitter or extra information is added using # hashtags . The problem with hashtags is people forget, they don't know, they don't have time, or it is to much work. So it needs to be automatic. But how does code know what is important? It can't, the user has to decide what hashtags are important to them. My solution is individual user created hashtag lists: When I receive new notices through IM or view them on the web any terms that match my list would auto-hyperlink. To add new terms to my list I can either tag it once with a # when posting or use an online interface where terms can be added or removed. Tagging and search would have to be integrated because single words in messages would tagged anymore. so something like would show the results of . Visiting archived messages on the web would need to hyperlink terms that matched tags added a


hackerHouse will be a 10-20 person cooperative housing environment in Madison where the members will be technology enthusiasts. This page will eventually be moved over to .