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Eggnog review: Trader Joe's Eggnog

A number of people recommended that I try Trader Joe's Eggnog so I must admit, I had high expectations when I finally did. Luckily it is a good nog besides being light on the nutmeg. It is nice and thick with a good flavor that doesn't taste artificial. I could barley taste any nutmeg so I recommend adding some (you do have nutmeg on hand right?) before consuming.
Above average. Recommendation: buy with nutmeg.

Eggnog review: Horizon Organic Eggnog

Provides a delicious rich and creamy flavor but it is more of a vanilla cream flavor and less of an eggnog flavor. It is very enjoyable but don't expect the traditional eggy taste.

Different but good. Recommendation: buy.

Eggnog review: Oakhurst Eggnog

Oakhurst delivers a delightfully rich and creamy nog. While it could do with an extra pinch of nutmeg at times Oakhurst has wonderful flavor that is top notch.

Among the best. Recommendation: buy

Eggnog review: Bud's Famous Eggnog

Nice thick eggnog but it leaves a slight artificial flavor and could use a little more nutmeg.

Better then average. Recommendation: buy.

Eggnog review: Clover Stornetta Eggnog

An average eggnog that gets the job done but just barely. If other better options are available go with them. It is a little too sweet and doesn't have the rich creamy thickness it should. While it doesn't have a fake chemical taste, Clover isn't exactly bursting in any flavor and will certainly need lots of added nutmeg.

Average. Works in a pinch.