Little known @Twitter and @TwitterAPI tips and tricks

Be sure to comeback as new tips and tricks get added. If you know of anything I missed be sure to let me know.

Static URL for profile images based on screen_name:

* This performs a http redirect to the actual profile image URL. Currently https redirects to http. You can also add "?size={mini | bigger | normal}" to get specific sizes.

Redirect to profile based on user_id:

In_reply_to_status_id mentions:

* In the web interface new mentions are only replies if they start with @screen_name. By pushing @screen_name further along in the string your followers who do not follow @screen_name will still see the status.

Profile image sizes:

* By default you get the original image size you can add _mini, _normal, and _bigger just before the image extension to change the size returned.

Block account link:

Follow account link:

*This URL stopped working sometime in 2009.

Logged out profile view:

Whitelisted IP:

Whitelisted IPs provide 20,000 GET request per authenticated user per hour, not a cumulative limit of 20,000 GET requests per hour.

SMS commands work through the API:

Link to Twitter pages using the @screen_name syntax:

View geotagged statuses on Google Maps:

Consistant @screen_name, #hashtag, and @screen_name/list linking and extraction:

*Currently there are Ruby, Java, and PHP libraries.

Consistant character counting for statuses:

Twitter string translations:'s PGP key

Map of a Twitter status object:

Search by app sources with spaces:

Mobile friendly page to enable Geo:

Check if your current visitor is authenticated with Twitter: