HowTo: Autopost Google+ to Twitter

Are you followers sad you aren't spamming them on Twitter as much as you were before Google+ launched? Well have no fear! With the help of a few Google services, your Twitter feed will be (over)flowing with G+ posts in no time.

  • A Google account with access to:
    • Google+
    • Feedburner
  • A Twitter account
  • 2 minutes
Lets start by jumping over to your profile on The URL should look like this and you will want to nab the long string of numbers. That is your Google+ user ID and +Russell Beattie's plusfeed parser will use it to scrape your G+ profile for public posts to turn into an Atom feed.

Jump over to Feedburner to burn a new feed with (only use your ID not mine). Hit next and give any title and address you want, it really doesn't matter. Hit next again and then skip directly to feed management. Feedburner will now automatically pull in your latest parsed G+ posts ready for tweeting.

Switch to the socialize section of the publicize tab where you will set up the Twitter account.. Once you add (or select) a Twitter account, there are a couple of options you can configure. The important two are post content is set to title only and include link is enabled. A couple of optional ones you might be interested in adding are #plus hashtag to the end of each tweet, truncate tweets short enough to allow retweets, and only tweet posts that contain a specific string such as #twt.

You can play around with the options until the sample item preview is up to snuff and then active the service.

Congrats! Your Google+ posts will now automatically get posted to Twitter!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Plusfeed is scrapping the Google+ page so if Google changes the layout of the page it could break.
  • Feedburner will post as many new posts as you specify but they will all get posted at the same time.
  • Your Twitter followers may get pissed off at you if you only post links to content elsewhere.
  • G+ posts that are just a shared link with no text may end up weird on Twitter.
  • Some HTML might start showing up in tweets.